HawaiiWave High Speed Wireless Networks, LLC , ( dba HawaiiWave Technologies) is a technology research and business development company focusing on high speed services, defense systems, hospitality, and renewable energy.

Established in 2001, HawaiiWave developed and tested the first wireless internet data and security monitoring networks for resort condominiums. From 2002 through early 2006, HawaiiWave led the development of Oceanic Time Warner Cable's GuestWave digital service for hotels, condominiums, and timeshare properties. Now called the Oceanic Hospitality Network, this high speed service has been expanded throughout the state of Hawaii.

In 2004, HawaiiWave also began experimenting with wireless energy distribution and conversion. In early 2005, the Office of Naval Research and the Hawaii Technology Development Venture selected HawaiiWave to conduct experiments to collect and convert radio waves into electricity. The success of that initial research led to the award of 12 month Navy contract in December 2005 to develop a prototype of a miniature energy source that combined the energy from radio waves with solar, vibration, and thermodynamic energy.

To support this work, HawaiiWave spun-off a separate company, Ambient Micro. In 2006, Ambient Micro was awarded two additional research contracts by the Air Force Lab. In 2007, two research and develop micro energy projects were initiated with the Army and Navy.

During this period, HawaiiWave also continued its work in hospitality and internet marketing with the development of a travel services consulting effort called Great Romantic Vacations.

In 2008, HawaiiWave returned its focus to large scale renewable energy technologies and services. The company is currently working with hotels, commercial building managers, and government agencies to provide a range of services including: financing; project management; technical assessment; optimization of rebates and tax credits; and carbon trading.

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